Patrice Meyer Guitariste

Patrice Meyer Guitariste


Tribute to Hugh Hopper (Paris, le Triton, 2019)

1983 ( Soft Machine 6 )
Patrice Meyer  guitar   Patrick Buchmann drums   François Verly  keyboards   Dominique Grimaldi bass   Didier Malherbe flute
 Other videos of this concert:
Hugh Hopper 1945 - 2009   (Soft Machine, Carla Bley, Robert Wyatt)


Patrice Meyer/John Etheridge 2008

Found by chance in Le Triton 2008's archives...enjoy! 
Etika (J.Etheridge)                  500 Miles High (C.Corea)                     Passion Dance (McCoy Tyner)
with JB Cortot  drums,  JL Ponthieux  bass


Tribute to Pip Pyle, Le Triton, Paris, 2017

Other videos of this concert:




Didier Malherbe (sax,flute, duduk)  Patrick Buchmann (drums)  François Verly (piano)  Jean Luc Ponthieux (bass)  Patrice Meyer (gtr)





Pip Pyle 1950-2006   (Gong, Chicken Shack, Hatfield and the North, National Health)


Patrice Meyer, Hugh Hopper, Pip Pyle, Patrick Morgenthaler 1986

A juicy archive of the band that toured France extensively first half of 1986.
Recording: Jacques Raidot, le Plan, Ris-Orangis.