Patrice Meyer Guitariste

Patrice Meyer Guitariste


hommage à Hugh Hopper / Paris, Le Triton, 30 mai 2019

1983 (Soft Machine Six)
Patrice Meyer guitar, Patrick Buchmann drums, François Verly keyboards, Dominique Grimaldi bass, Didier Malherbe flute
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Hugh Hopper (1945-2009) : Soft Machine, Carla Bley, Isotope, Stomu Yashmata, Robert Wyatt


Concert hommage à Phil Miller, Vortex, Londres, 6 janvier 2019

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The pioneering guitarist/composer Phil Miller (1949-2017) would have turned 70 this month. In this double tribute concert (separate afternoon and evening performances) his music will once more be brought to life by an extensive line-up of those associated with Phil throughout his nearly 50-year career.

The bands will feature: Roy Babbington, Fred Baker, Paul Booth, Doug Boyle, Sarah Gail Brand, Paul Dufour, Jim Dvorak, John Etheridge, Simon Finch, Mark Fletcher, John Greaves, Carol Grimes, Marc Hadley, Mark Hewins, Jakko Jakszyk, Pete Lemer, Alex Maguire, Didier Malherbe, Patrice Meyer, Jack Monck, Michael O’Brien, Simon Picard, Trevor Tomkins, Theo Travis and Nick Twyman.


Pip Pyle 10 years, Le Triton, Paris, July 1/2017

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Didier Malherbe (sax,flute, duduk)  Patrick Buchmann (drums)  François Verly (piano)  Jean Luc Ponthieux (bass)  Patrice Meyer (gtr)





Pip Pyle (1950-2006) :  Gong, Chicken Shack, Hatfield and the North, National Health


Patrice Meyer/John Etheridge June 5/2008 Triton, Paris, France

listen to "Etika"




Avec JeanLuc Ponthieux, basse JB Cortot, batterie


I was 17 when I saw John Etheridge for the first time with Soft Machine, in Festival d'Orange, France in 1975. He was so good that during the whole show I thought he was Allan Holdsworth, who just left the band after "Bundles" was released.  Inviting this older brother was a huge pleasure. We played some tunes of ours, a cover (Hope) from godfather Mahavishnu (John was also influenced by McLaughlin. Remember : Soft Machine toured along with Mahavishnu Orchestra in 75, and with Shakti in 76)

And of course covers from Soft Machine "Softs" (released in 76) : Song for Aeolus, Tales of Taliesin, and John's beautiful piece: Etika.

Guitar hero attitude was assumed, and lots of notes have been played.






Patrice Meyer, Hugh Hopper, Pip Pyle, Patrick Morgenthaler 1986